The Bamiyan Cultural Center | 2015.01

The Bamiyan Cultural Center
The Bamiyan Cultural Center
The Bamiyan Cultural Center
The Bamiyan Cultural Center
The Bamiyan Cultural Center
The Bamiyan Cultural Center
The Bamiyan Cultural Center
The Bamiyan Cultural Center
The Bamiyan Cultural Center
The Bamiyan Cultural Center
計画地: バミヤン、アフガニスタン

建物用途: 美術館 
延べ床面積: 2,200m2
The building blends with the terrain and the desert area on the site. Landscape and layout of the project was 
designed to improve the quality of the site to look like the oasis of Bamiyan Shangrila. Beatific views of 
the green agricultural landscape fields give it a very spatial and smooth feeling. There are elements that 
represent a calm and peaceful environment. The project incorporates the heritage of the site into the building 
and landscaping by means of the relationship between the project and the heritage sites which are marked on 
the axes of the Buddha niches.

The building is divided into seven areas: exhibition, workshop, performance hall, administrations, classroom 
along with a research center, as well as the conference area. The art loading area, collection storage space 
and boiler room are located on the underground level - connecting to the research center and exhibition area. 
To enhance the security of the cultural centre, a security gate system with an area for vehicle screening and 
individual screening are provided at the main entrance of the site (the opening gate with security house that 
be part of 3 meters height wall of the site boundary). Everyone has to pass through the security gate before 
entering to the site of the centre. The service gate is separated from there, is a private area for art loading 
and staff service only. The cultural centre building has 3 ways to access, which canbe reached by various 
walkways. Along the walkways, the visual axes will point towards the Buddha niches in order to focus on landmark 
of Bamiyan. The space idea consists of an interior space for interaction and an important social connotation. 

The great exhibition hall will accommodate temporary and contemporary exhibitions, as well as providing the 
setting for itsmulti-functionality and a balance between the story of Bamiyan and its original local place, 
in a contemporary and actual image. Innovation in construction and design will present versatile and adaptable 
spaces for different uses. The membrane roof infuses the exhibition space with comfort via natural daylight, 
also taking into the local weather conditions. Within the learning center, the environment of friendly, airy 
and shady enclaves is all conducive to stimulating student interaction.

We propose a building that provides references to materials and traditional construction solutions, while new 
materials used will result in an economically viable building, both in terms of its maintenance and in terms of 
sustainability and energyefficiency. 
Therefore, the cultural center initiates an understanding of the variety of Bamiyan people and visitor 
interactions, as that iswhat forms a culture. It integrates the open green area with the direction to the 
heritage value site, provides a functional and structural foundation feeling and makes it a place to stay 
and be. This is done through enhancing some aspects while dimensioning others of boundaries of Bamiyan, 
both physically and experientially, thus creating a free form setting for cultural expression.