Liget Arts Complex | 2014.11

Liget Arts Complex
Liget Arts Complex
Liget Arts Complex
Liget Arts Complex
Liget Arts Complex
Liget Arts Complex
Liget Arts Complex
Liget Arts Complex
Liget Arts Complex
Liget Arts Complex
計画地: ブダペスト、ハンガリー

建物用途: 美術館
延べ床面積: 32,140m2	
There is an athletic track on the site. We would like to preserve the outer aspect of it as an icon of the past era.
The memorial pieces of Budapest and the City Park are extremely important. They will remind people of their 
nostalgic days and be verifications of the development of not only the city but also Hungarians’ cultural wealth. 
They will be metaphors of the continuous flow of time.

Two great museums with serving various functions will be integrated into one simple mass. At the center of 
this track, the new museum will be placed like a flower bowl. This will help people who enjoyed the placed 
track in their childhood to retain wonderful memories in their hart throughout their life.

We would like to name the museum which we propose the“Liget Arts Complex”.

Firstly, we think the influence of this Arts Complex on the surrounding environment should be minimized. 
This means we propose a compact volume for the complex without expanding further on the grounds. 
Even though the height of some parts of this Complex is over 25 meters, the scenery around the ground will 
be preserved.

The structure will be semi-transparent, and holding natural greens in its core. The central green will be a 
metaphor of the precious globe. It will be the symbol of the Arts spirit, radiating the energy of Life to the city 
and acting as a magnet for people. The existing trees on the footprint of the Arts Complex will be moved into 
its core. Around the semi-transparent structure, sloping floors are spiraling up. 

The Arts Complex will be connected to the “planned public underground parking” at the place of the to-be 
demolished Petofi Event Center and the underground passage below Zichy Mihaly Street. Employees’ cars 
and delivery trucks will approach the new building through the underground passage, which means that on 
the site there won’t be a car slope on the grounds. So, the greenery will be preserved.