Olympic Games Landmark | 2004.09

Olympic Games Landmark
Olympic Games Landmark
Olympic Games Landmark
Olympic Games Landmark
Olympic Games Landmark
Olympic Games Landmark
計画地: パリ、フランス

建物用途: オリンピック村パビリオン
The Tower of Human Chain

As the Olympic Landmark Paris we propose “The Tower of Human Chain.” This tower is made of many units 
what shapes human. And each unit forms a structural unit (usually we call “Space Flame”) also. Space Flame 
is stable structural system, so we can build it certainly with structural analysis. Also we have the ability to
analysis it
Each human-shaped unit is made of two parts. One part is sturdiness cross which cross-point(body) is 
sinking than arms and legs, and which is made by the way to cast aluminum in a cross (human)-shape. 
Another part is a head made of various colored resinous balls. The difference of colors makes personality
(individuality) of each human-shaped units, and the dull reflections of aluminum bodies are different one 
another by the point of views and lighting. And units are gathering to make “The Tower of Human Chain”. 

At the Olympic Game many kinds of people is gathering from all over the world. This tower will be a metaphor 
of Olympic Paris. These human-shaped units will be assembled with easy jointing parts and we can build the 
tower like to make brick house and take it apart easily. While we need to make two layers of human-shaped 
units to stabilize the whole structure. The height of the tower is about 29 meters (the height of the view deck is
28 meters) and the diameter is 10 meters. 

The total number of the human-shaped units is 464, each unit size is about 2 meters wide, 2 meters height 
and 1.25 meters depth. To access this tower we recommend to make an approach bellow the base. While it 
depends on the cost. So in this proposal we describe the approach from basement, but it possible to access 
this tower from grand level like to enter Japanese tea-houses. And in the tower there are double spiral 
staircases with handrails to access a ring shaped view deck also with handrails. 

Those are supported by the light trusses and made of wood steps. Double spiral means human DNA. 
On the view deck everybody can take spread sight of Paris, after rising spiral. And this tower fascinates and
encourages anyone, because people feel spirit in this tower.