Delta Cup Solar Building | 2009.01

Delta Cup Solar Building
Delta Cup Solar Building
Delta Cup Solar Building
Delta Cup Solar Building
Delta Cup Solar Building
Delta Cup Solar Building
Location: Mian Yang, China

Use: School Complex
Floor Area: 8,000m2
Surrounded by rice fields and a natural pond, the teaching buildings are located in order to ensure the 
execution of school activities in a calm and natural environment. The approach to the classroom is through 
ramps which connect the ground level to the teaching area. Suspended passages link the common 
classrooms to special activities classrooms. The administrative area, at the boundaries of the sport field, is
easily accessible from everywhere, and has the full visibility over all the school. 

At the ground floor, the canteen is easily reachable both from the teaching area, both from the dormitories, 
which are located along the main street as a connection to the existing town. The whole project fully makes 
use of all the natural resources available in site. The preexisting canals feed the pond and the rice field, 
which maintain the characterizing rural landscape and help having pleasant comfort conditions in summer. 

The preservation of trees, at the southern part of the area, contributes to not destroy natural conditions. 
Building materials, mainly constituted by wood and concrete, are easy to get in the region. 
The construction methods and the absence of elaborated facilities, make the realization of the buildings 
simple and less expensive.