JST Product Complex | Under Construction

JST Product Complex
JST Product Complex
JST Product Complex
JST Product Complex
JST Product Complex
JST Product Complex
JST Product Complex
JST Product Complex
JST Product Complex
JST Product Complex
JST Product Complex
Location: Okayama
Land area: 32,030m2

Use: Factory, Office and Dormitory
Structure: Steel, RC, SRC
Floor Area: 40,118m2

Atlas of the Unbuilt World

2012	World Architectural Festival. First Prize
		Future Projects - Mixed Use category	
2013	MIPIM Archtectural Review Future Projects Awards. First Prize
		Mixed Use Category	

2013	Environmental and Equipment Design Award. Best Award	        	

Atlas of the Unbuilt World 
The Architectural Review   
World Architecture Festival 
Origami is a Japanese traditional craft of paper folding.

The pillars are made of folded steel plates like Origami. “Circle” consist of units of pillars sorted 
continuously enable this structure to bear vertical load and make multi-storied large space and resists
earthquakes plastically. Also “Core wall” which surrounds the Central Void improves earthquake-resistance.

The “Central Void” leads various vertical traffic lines (elevators carrying 88 persons, sloped walks, stairs, 
and so on), the lighting and the ventilation to the spaces. Large space between “Circle” and “Core wall” is 
for main functions, factories and warehouses and so on. The spaces for subordinate functions like offices, 
dining halls, dormitories and meeting spaces are shaped into sloped floors “Ring” connecting stories around
“Circle”. This layout enhances the access between large space and others.

JST is one of the biggest electric connector manufacturers over the world. This is JST’s mother factory located 
in a beautiful mountainous area in Japan. The employees working oversea are gathering here for their training.

Also “Circle” works as the vertical route of the facilities like pipes, ducts and electric cables. The heat of 
air conditioning is reused through ducts. The folding structure is covered with the easy glass screen so 
that the buffer’s air will work to make the perimeters environment comfortable by exhausting or storing 
heated air with sunshine. Double skin of the curtain wall of “Ring” will work also.

This is the hybrid architectural system which combines structure and facilities.
Speed is the metaphor.